About Emmerse

Emmerse creates binaural audio journeys that let you travel the world through sound. We are based in Vancouver, BC Canada - a place that’s surrounded by ocean, forests and mountains.

Every place has its own unique sound. Our mission is to capture audio from all around the world and allow people to experience something new, to picture themselves elsewhere, or to journey into sleep.

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Emmerse uses science-based techniques to help people sleep, relax and focus. Each soundscape is recorded with immersive technology that aims to create audio environments that are both an escape and a distraction from everyday thoughts.

The psychological phenomena of “State Absorption” best describes this experience of escaping within an experience and being positively distracted by the active mind. In Ballew and Omoto (2018) they found that when participants underwent experiences in nature, they not only achieved higher states of absorption, but also experienced correlated emotions of awe and positivity. Using immersive and realistic nature experiences, Emmerse provides users with a tool to achieve states of absorption and to clear the mind.

Binaural Sound

Binaural recording is a technique used to create 3D soundscapes. By wearing specialized microphones that are placed in the left and right ears, sound engineers are able to closely replicate the way humans hear. When playing a binaural recording, the listener can hear the sounds move around their head and pinpoint their locations. Binaural recording effectively creates a 3D landscape and sounds as if the listener is standing in the recorded environment.

Binaural recording works best in environments with sounds that move past or around the recording engineer, ie: birds flying by, cars passing, etc. These are the types of locations chosen for Emmerse because they offer the most immersive experience possible for the listener.

Simulated Environments

It’s been well documented that spending time in nature has a positive effect on mental health. Studies have also shown that exposure to a simulated environment can have the same effect as being in a real environment, such as this report by Annerstedt (2011).

Emmerse creates soundscapes that transport listeners to different environments in order to calm the mind and lead to sleep. By leveraging binaural sound, Emmerse effectively creates a profound and hyper-realistic virtual experience, providing the best possible simulated environment.

Binaural Beat Therapy

Binaural beat therapy, or brainwave entrainment therapy, was discovered in 1839 and has recently been the subject of various efficacy studies.

A metastudy by Garcia-Argibay (2019) found that binaural beats are an effective way to affect cognition over and above reducing anxiety levels.

Another study showed that patients who listened to binaural beats prior to surgery saw a reduction in anxiety levels.

In one study, it was shown that listening to Binaural Beats layered over a soundscape affected cognitive function, including memory improvement.

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Emmerse soundscapes can be layered with binaural beats that are tailored to the desired outcome, whether the listener’s goal is to relax, focus or sleep.


Guided visualization is a common technique for anxiety reduction. One study Nguyen (2018) found that both natural and urban visualization is effective against anxiety.

Guided imagery helps the imagination create images that bring about beneficial physical and emotional effects. These therapies have been used for decades as a way to evoke emotions and memories and can feel as real as actual events.

Emmerse uses technology that offers a new type of guided visualization, using 3D audio soundscapes instead of spoken instruction - allowing people to picture themselves in different natural and urban environments through immersive sound.